OSIRIS AO2 - Хладилник за покойници / Mobile mortuary refrigerator
Cold storage cabinets for deceased bodies-model 2021

Cold storage cabinets for deceased bodies-model 2021


Designed for long-term storage of deceased in mourning agencies, ritual homes or hospitals. On the inside is an antibacterial coating for easy cleaning, equipped with wheels for easy moving.
The operating temperature is -5 ° C, by offering low-temperature model and to -20 ° C. The original Italian monoblock unit is silent in operation, high reliability and energy efficiency, and microprocessor control involves fully automated operation.

There are options for two and three deceased.

As options you have the opportunity to bring in a coffin, stainless bench or combined version.

-Sliding Coffin System – similar to the mechanism in the hearse, sliding the coffin within the cold storage cabinet is easy even when the coffin is designed with small legs.
-Internal structure and benches made entirely from INOX
-Suitable for storing and organic residues

For two deceased:
-Dimensions: L x B x H = 238.4(+11.5 door ) x 111,5 x 159(without refrigeration unit on the top) (+16 wheels) sm

For three deceased:
-Dimensions: L x B x H = 238.4(without refrigeration unit)(+11.5 door ) x 111,5212 (+16 wheels ) sm
-Electric Power of the refregeration unit: Nel = 900W-1200W