OSIRIS AO2 - Хладилник за покойници / Mobile mortuary refrigerator

Mobile mortuary refrigerator for coffin OSIRIS AO2


1. For cooling of the deceased at home
2. For a few days storage of the deceased instead of a refrigerated chamber


is a portable cold storage installation for deceased. Thanks to the powerful refrigeration compressor, optimal cooling is achieved even in the open position. In some cases or in severe climatic conditions, partially or completely covering it with a specially designed window cover, it becomes a cold chamber for long-term storage of the deceased.

Textile airducts distribute cold air evenly throughout the body, and microprocessor control is set for fully automated operation of the installation.
Dimensions: Length: 750 mm, width 640 mm, height 310. Weight 35 kg.

Why to use OSIRIS?
1. It ensures convenience to your clients saving them the cost of transportation of the deceased to a freezing cabinet.
2. High image of your company
3. Preserves the body of the deceased at home for a long time during the summer, as well as in  wintertime.During the hot days, it prevents hygienic problems with the body when worshiping in the home or before transporting the body over long distances. In cold days the use of OZIRIS will be a convenience for relatives because it will no longer be necessary to exclude heating in the room where the deceased is.
4. Possibility to carry only 1 person.
5. In practice, there is no electricity consumption during storage, it is borne by the tenant.
6. Silent and safe to use.
7. Patented in Bulgaria and specially adapted for a wide range of coffins
8. 24 month warranty and post warranty service
CE certificate